AKA: Ben Rogers

Role: Digital Marketing

Your Challenges

My new business needs marketing

So you’ve got a new business? Congratulations citizen, you're genuinely very brave.

The error that a lot of operators/owners make is to try and do their creative digital marketing themselves as well as operate the business instead of using a marketing agency. If only it was possible to clone yourself or add extra hours in the day!

Digital marketing and creative digital marketing planning are arts and sciences that take years of refinement and honing to be agency standard, something that the master of marketing and the Digital Paint creative agency really kicks ass on. This means developing a creative marketing concept and developing through multiple communications channels, both in digital realms and offline.

You really need to try Marksman!

Light the Beacon now and Marksman will come to the rescue, designing a creative digital marketing campaign to beat any nemesis your business may encounter.

Or Click X-ray vision and Marksman will use his special powers to perform a free audit of your marketing collateral if you have any yet.

I need to defeat my business nemesis

If you’ve seen our friend Kick-Ass in action, you’ll know that attempting big challenges yourself without the relevant super power can prove difficult or dangerous.

If you’ve tried elements of marketing or advertising before without an agency and it didn’t work, then it’s more than likely because there was little strategy or creativity behind it.

Have no fear citizen, The Marksman and his team of Digital Paint creative copywriters, PR gurus, marketers and designers will create and implement a campaign that will defeat even your most powerful nemesis.

You need The Marksman!

Light the Beacon now and Marksman, the creative digital marketing master and his agency of superheroes will come to the rescue!

Or Click X-ray vision and The Marksman will use his superhero ability to perform a free audit of your digital marketing and creative prowess.

My marketing does ok, but now I want to go big!

It's commonly accepted that a business' marketing budget and strategy should grow and develop as the business does. So what is the next stage? How can increased creative digital marketing grow your business and take it to the next level, and how can a Creative Digital Marketing Agency like Digital Paint help?

Creating strategic and very creative content is what the Digital Paint agency does best.

We provide insight led, highly creative marketing concepts which are effective, profitable and sustainable.

Think you’ve tried everything? Challenge Marksman to the 5-minute creative digital marketing campaign challenge! In 5 minutes he will create a concept that will blow your mind and leave only one agency in mind. D.P.!

If you are ready to go big and increase your digital marketing presence then you need Marksman!

Light the Beacon now and the Digital Paint Superheroes will come to the rescue.

Or Click X-ray vision and The Marksman will use his special powers to perform a free audit of your marketing prowess.

My current agency aren’t superheroes!

There are many others who claim to be a great creative agency and talk the talk, but at Digital Paint we walk, run and fly creative marketing approaches.

Need an agency to develop game-changing creative digital campaigns, strategic marketing concepts and put you leagues above competitors?

If you are ready to go big and increase your digital marketing presence then you need Marksman and the Digital Paint Agency!

Simply light the beacon and your agency of creative digital superheroes will come running.

Or Click X-ray vision and The Marksman will use his special powers to perform a free audit of your marketing and creative prowess.


How he became a Digital Superhero...

Armed with special powers of extreme tactical and strategic creativity in digital marketing, The Marksman was trained in the secret art of diagonal thinking, extreme creativity and integrated tactics by some of the smartest gurus in the industry.

The Marksman targets markets and hits those targets every time by creating the most creative digital marketing campaigns involving communications channels such as Press Releases, Articles and Reviews, Advertising (PPC, Adwords and Traditional Media), Blogs, Guest Blogs, Business Development Tactics, Brand Management, Organic SEO and Events Management. There really is no market that Marksman can't crack.

Past Missions

The team has previously completed missions for brands such as...


Marksman's Targeting Fiery Arrow

Bullet Point


Working with the Marksman provides you with the following benefits :

  • Creative campaigns that kick ass!
  • On line and Off line integrated tactics
  • Fully measured and reportable campaigns
  • Access to Red Alert! (Coming Soon)
  • 10% Discount on Data Analytics

My Special Powers

Creative Full Digital Integrated Campaigns

One campaign integrated across multiple channels including WOM, Social Media, PR, CRM, Products, Advertising, Guerilla marketing, events, web presence, sales, e-shots, print…etc etc. Every campaign is unique though, so expect the unexpected!

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Art Direction:

To ensure integration, Marksman will art direct every component of the campaign, to ensure that the creative and aesthetic imperatives are executed perfectly.

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Social Media Campaigns:

Ever seen “Will it Blend” or the Old Spice campaigns on Youtube and social media? This is what we mean by Social Media campaigns. Merging multiple communications tools to ensure that the social media tactic is highly creative and goes viral.

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Press releases, events, white paper features, articles, CSR tactics, brand protection, image handling…we create a superhero buzz about your brand.

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PPC, Contexualised Advertising, Print, Radio... This isn’t something that would necessarily be performed in isolation, but more as part of an integrated approach.

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Brand Management:

If you want to plan and manage how your brand is perceived in the market, this is a highly strategic process. Marksman has had significant experience in this field and will take the helm of any new brand, rebrand, brand extensions or general brand management and equity building processes.

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Content and Copywriting:

Having written comedy, poetry, stories, web content and advertising blurb, Marksman will ensure your copy is highly readable and targeted directly to your market!

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Organic SEO tactics:

What the SEO agencies don’t tell you is that building up your organic SEO ranking is about developing digital content with an inbound marketing approach to ensure that your website builds a solid credibility.

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