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Website Design that your customers will love and competitors will hate

I’m The Engineer, the Website Design Superhero at Digital Paint. If you are in need of intelligent, responsive and beautiful websites or apps that convert visitors to genuine leads, then I have the special powers to make it happen, no matter how complex or creative you need it.

From simple brochure websites, to complex E-commerce and bespoke website design, we can do it all for you effortlessly, developing a website optimised for Google and sure to put you above competitors in your search category. Sound good? Get in touch now!


Website user experience and interface design that convert visitors to customers

I’m The Creator, the fiery handed website design UX/UI guru at Digital Paint. If you want your customers to see the best brand possible through every one of your touch points, then I’m your guy!

As the website design UX/UI architect, front end developer and brand designer, I can take an idea or dream and develop it into something tangible and remarkable.

If you are ready to upgrade your website UX and UI, get in touch using any of the action buttons.


Digital marketing and creative campaigns to create a buzz for your brand

Hey! I’m The Marksman, Master of Digital Marketing at Digital Paint. I identify markets, then target them every time. If you are looking for the most creative and strategic digital marketing agency to make your brand big and create a buzz around your website and online activity, then you are in the right place.

We will take the pressure and stress away from you by planning, implementing, measuring and reporting on the creative digital marketing success, leaving you to do the important things in life. Whatever that may be. Sound good? Get in touch now!


Creative Social Media campaigns, digital marketing and research and insights. I’m The Protégé, the living trend; a young social media, digital marketing and research superhero at Digital Paint. If you want to create a real buzz on social media about your brand and your website and create a real buzz, from Snapchat to Instagram, Pinterest to Facebook, I'm the guy to make it happen. My superpowers also extend to high-level research and insights, which we use to guide strategic planning, so if this is something you require, get in touch now!



If you want to develop your in-house skills sets in areas such as Social Media Marketing and Planning, Business Development and Creative Thinking, Blogging and Digital Marketing, we can help!

We plan and deliver engaging, entertaining and thought provoking training, providing you with the commercial methods we use to make the biggest impact.



Having planned Leisure and Hospitality tours in London and Chicago for the biggest brands in the UK, The Digital Paint team can plan and deliver any sized corporate tour in any country, dealing with travel plans, tour content, tour schedules, and ensure an enjoyable experience for your patrons.

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