Co-op Travel Website Case Study

Cooptravel is part of the Co-op group and a leading brand in the travel sector in itself. Co-op travel wanted a website design agency to develop a market leading disruptive website portal to offer flexible holidays globally. The ambition was to design a digital platform that would be visually effective, on brand and at the same time functionally rich, but keeping within a fixed budget and tight timescales.

Both visually and technically challenging, the website design project had some big hurdles for us an agency to overcome. The digital platform was to scrape data from various travel companies and collate them into holiday deals that mattered to the client, all in real time, without compromising user experience.
UI/UX design was one of the key success factors for the website. The goal was to create a digital platform, intuitive and simple, yet aesthetically appealing and on brand with the Co-operative Group.
The most challenging part of the website design was building the interfaces to various holiday suppliers across the market and to process the data to create offers for the customers. The data included holiday, flight and various other add-ons. The variety of data sources posed a massive challenge due to the complex nature of the collection and assimilation process.
Our website design and development team delivered the project on time and to the client’s specifications which was a big achievement for any website design agency. Since the completion of the project, Digital Paint has been involved in delivering a phase 2 of the website design, along with maintaining the site.

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