Channel Frog

Channel Frog

This year saw the release of Bud Light into the UK market, supported by a national advertising campaign which revived the infamous Bud-wei-ser Frogs, who this time croak “Bud-Light-Beer”.

As a component of this campaign, a partner comms agency in London 3MonkeysZeno approached us as they wanted to create a high-level branded website called ChannelFrog, that would stream 6 video feeds of the real Bud Light Frogs as they go about their working week at Bud Light HQ 24 hours a day for 7 days.

Working to the brief, and within tight timescales we first developed a logo for ChannelFrog which encapsulated a frog icon and also the style of a mainstream TV channel which the website was meant to represent. Then, ensuring Bud Light brand guidelines were followed closely, our UX/UI designers worked up initial concepts of the website, creating a simple to use, media focussed site with social media, email and WhatsApp integration, plus a Youtube embedded video as well as the all important 200+ gb of daily HD video files scheduled to coincide with 210 narrative changes, all streamed onto the website through Vimeo.

The biggest hurdle to overcome for the project was the tech side. The challenge we had to overcome was to record 6 exotic tanks 24 hours a day for 7 days, capture that information, upload it to dedicated servers and schedule each video for the 7 days, each one with 210 scripted subtitle changes per week which were unique to the tank and which had to change at specific film times 5 times a day to match backgrounds that had been placed in the frogs tanks.

Our web developers did an amazing job, creating a website fit for Bud Light’s purpose, streaming the video feeds using a custom coded scheduling system, all coinciding with the narratives for each tank.

Beyond this, the project was closely and effectively managed, with daily updates being fed back to the client. Applying our technological supreme superhero special powers, significant planning was placed into ensuring that the right equipment was sourced, tested, programmed, retested and monitored throughout the project. This involved working as an effective team with the Tech guys, the Exotic animal specialists, the London Agency and Budweiser themselves.

Reflecting the project success, we were also asked to create a 30 second teaser trailer to help promote the site. Working to a creative brief, we developed a humorous viral video that encapsulated Channel Frog perfectly. You can watch it in the video link on this page.

What are your thoughts on the Channel Frog project? Hate it or love it, have your say on Twitter using @digitalpaintweb #channelfrog

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