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Too Many Tweets makes a Tw@. Basic success tips for business social media use

Once a business enters the digital world it’s only time until they start to get carried away sending post after post, so here are a few tips on successful social media use for business.
Nobody likes being spammed time and time again by the same company with the same message through any platform of social media, it is annoying and will only push people away from reading your content.
As with your blog, or email marketing, it’s important to make sure you’re not sharing too much content across any of your social media platforms because that will only result in potential customers losing interest!
There are a number of different aspects such as how good your content is, the length of your posts, where you’re posting I.E Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.

The audience you’re targeting with your posts can dramatically change how often you should be posting to social media too. You need to measure the best times to post for your audience, using social media analytics providers.

While considering all these factors, it’s important you take these tips into consideration.

Share content from other individuals and companies not just your own.

Establish a relationship with customers by sharing interesting facts/graphics/humor.

Posts that invite conversations, for example, contact us, talk to us, let us help and also posting questions, get your

audience active.

Make calls to action, this can be anything from liking posts to entering contests or simply just commenting. Creating a call to action helps increase engagement with the opposite person and could possibly generate a lead.

There is a major trap with a lot of businesses. Whenever we have a successful social media link (attracts high volumes of engagement and exposure) we are tempted to use the same post again with the same hashtags. Some businesses even use the same posts several times a day. However, after the first time around, the post just doesn’t perform at the same level. It’s not the social media platform messing with you, but your followers that are starting to reject your post. Users hate duplicate content and regard it as spam. Think about it as a joke — if you tell a joke once to your friends it may be a hit, but if you repeat it to the same crowd, they will get bored and lose interest in what you’re saying.

Social Media marketing isn’t about any many posts you can get out in a day or how much random content you can get together to fill up your account. It’s about engaging with your people, followers in the number of platforms you use, once you’ve got that then you start to build relationships and reputation in the digital community.
If you need help developing your Social Media effectiveness, just holla!

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