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Google ad listings are a prime target for Amazon

If you are using a Google product listing Ad then you need to know this

According to Merkle's senior director of research, Mark Ballard, "The conventional wisdom around why Amazon had refused to participate in Google Shopping has been that doing so would strengthen Google's position in the battle to be consumers' first destination for product searches by making Google's results more complete."

Till now Amazon refused to invest in product Listing, however, it looks like Amazon has changed their outlook and they are currently testing PLA as part of their paid search campaign with Google. PLA since its inception in 2012 has seen a steady increase in click

through, in the last quarter of 2016, with PLA spending increasing by 30%. If Amazon does decide to pull the trigger, this would mean that retailers need to revisit their spending plan to retain the same impression level. Retailers using Google Shopping would also need to watch Amazon's next move.

Once Amazon starts using PLA and Shopping it would be a significant game changer for other retailers. In light of that retailers should look at their marketing strategy and attribution model very carefully and re-calibrate the model If necessary.

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