Superheroes launch New Living Website concept

Superheroes launch New Living Website concept

Digital paint has this week revealed a new approach to websites which they have dubbed “The living website”.

The Living Website is a creative approach for websites harnessing modern rich media techniques to bring the website to life, representing customer experiences, brand promises, staff engagement and providing a new corporate web concept.

Attempting to create a representation of their superpowers and office rivalry/banter, the Digital Paint team wanted to challenge website convention and create a unique web experience unlike any other.

“For us, our service and brand strength comes from the characters of the staff within our small team. We wanted to represent the characters, and our skills, but more importantly the interaction between each other, represented in this case on the

character pages by the interactive "banter" system.” Explains Ben Rogers AKA Marksman, Head of Marketing and Creative.

“We’re very excited about the new Living Website concept and since starting the process we have developed a very high-level team of technical and creative experts to deliver effectively.” Adds Subrata AKA Engineer.

As a guide, a Living Website would involve Protege for research and Social Media campaign planning and integration, Marksman for the creative angle, marketing communications campaign planning and creative direction, Creator for the design, UX/UI design and front-end development, photography and video editing, Engineer for the website coding and development, and Tracker for ensuring the web project and all components are search engine optimised and analytics-friendly.

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