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Local website design and creative agency Digital Paint have this week launched a new concept dubbed “The Living Website” that they claim will revolutionise the web development market and drive a new trend, impacting every sector.

The Living Website is a concept that combines high-end photography and video with interactivity and rarely seen Cinemagraph techniques (still images with moving components) to bring elements of a company, customer experience, story or ethos to life on an a responsive website.

Digital Paint’s Head of Marketing and Creative, Ben Rogers explains
“Businesses tend to adopt a functional, lifeless approach to their website, especially in professional services, as they see creativity as a negative.
Our living website concept works because we take a brand’s biggest strength or USP, develop a highly creative angle or story and bring it to life on their website using technology and creative media, yet still retaining their professionalism. The aim is to create an enjoyable website experience that encourages page exploration and visitor conversion. Every business wants to communicate the standards and experiences their products or services provide to customers, and we simply tell that story through the website with

visual approaches rarely seen and rarely used in this manner.”

Due to the overwhelming popularity of their Living Website concept, Digital Paint have announced that they have now started taking orders from businesses across the UK to make their responsive living websites.
The team at Digital Paint found that a lot of business owners who have older, unresponsive websites know they have to invest in a new site, but want to ensure a return on investment. The combination of providing a new creative website concept, search engine optimized and compatible on all devices means that Digital Paint’s Living Websites are a popular choice.

MD of Digital Paint, Subrata Mukhurjee added “You only have to explore our own website to see that the concept we’ve created is a game changer, even down to the contact form which we call ‘Light the Beacon’; which combines visual and sound effects in-line with our Superhero identity. Our ethos in the office is to only create award-winning websites and digital marketing for our clients and this is certainly heading in the right direction.”

The creation of a living website is not an easy process. Each and every website involves significant planning and production, with projects being split between 5 departments, similar to a production line.

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